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Psuke Bariah

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11:03 pm: (sings) MMMMEEEEMMORIES.....
I did a volunteer thing at the San Jose Library this evening, and on the way I biked past the Fairmont Hotel. It is, in fact, quite close to the library, which I had never paid attention to before now...

The Fairmont is where Joseph and I spent out first night together. It is where we went when he drove up from LA to pick me up from the airport when I flew back from Soup that year, so we could spend a night and a day together before I went back to work. It is where we spent the visit just after the one when he got amazingly drunk so he would have the courage to tell me he loved me...and then the government came and took pretty much everything he had (because the company he had just quit was accused of tax fraud) and I did not see him again for 5 months.

That was a good year. Despite the last two years, I wouldn't trade that year, and despite the hardships and downturns, I'd keep the year after that, too. It had some definite high points. I just wish I had accepted them for what they were, and let it go when I knew it was over. Zombie relationships will eat you, just as surely as zombie people.

In other news, I haven't visited the cats in over a week, and I'm starting to get the jitters. SF this weekend, I think.

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